Create Your Survey and Evaluation Scenarios

Easily structure the necessary survey and assessment scenarios for your organization with the user-friendly screens of the HRThema Evaluation and Survey. Update, develop and manage as you need.

  • Measure your employees’ satisfaction;
  • Create performance assessment surveys and evaluate their results;
  • Uncover the reasons behind talent resignations;
  • Measure the success and impact of your training programs.

Create Your Own Question Bank with a Unique Question Creation Infrastructure

To hear different views, try different methods. Devise different types of questions and answers for your survey, and design the survey layout to your specifications. Create the survey you need using the wide range of features within the question and answer infrastructure.

  • Present compulsory or optional choices to your participants;
  • Analyze the coherence of surveys and assessments using the cross-question functionality;
  • Manage question and answer texts based on your needs;
  • Add compulsory or optional comment fields to your questions.

Manage the Evaluation and Survey Processes Professionally

Archive and categorize organization-, department- or individual-based surveys and assessments; derive analytical results from assessment results; listen to your employees closely; terminate the potential obstacles to your objectives before they appear.

  • Classify and categorize your survey fields, and question and answer types;
  • Archive surveys retrospectively, and create new surveys based on your archive;
  • Ask your survey questions online via the portal or in person;
  • Allow participants to see their survey progress with multiple questions.

Apply Quickly and Easily

Apply your surveys easily for one person, the entire operation or for your external customers. Accumulate the opinions of different stakeholders on a single platform. Monitor survey processes closely with HRThema Evaluation and Survey.

  • Hear the opinions of not only your employees but also your external stakeholders and customers;
  • Assign to a single person or to the entire organization as required;
  • Grant your employees access to their assigned surveys via the portal;
  • Access with a single click and receive quick feedback.

Turn Your Assessment Data into Meaningful Results

Analyze the motivation and experience of your employees. Switch to a data-driven assessment system in Performance Management and Talent Management. Utilize assessment analytics to improve your organization processes.

  • Assign weights to question and answer categories or choose to ignore them while calculating a score;
  • Convert your answers into readable results and enrich them with graphs;
  • Customize the result analytics based on your needs and expectations;
  • Compare past survey results on the analytics interface and enrich them with graphics.