Plan your workforce

Determine the working hours of the day. Create periods over these working hours. Include employees in the working periods during a spesific or unlimited time. Track non-working days such as weekends or holidays from the work plan.

  • Switch to a flexible structure where you can set breaks on the first or second half of the day according to your needs.
  • Create periodic or indefinite recurring periods on a weekly or monthly basis
  • Authorize your managers to arrange shifts from the employee portal
  • Instantly follow the work plans from the weekly/monthly calendar view

A unique leave management approach

Link leave rights to calendars and automatically define leave for your employees whose seniority date has come. Get permission requests, design the approval process, track used permissions. Manage all details of the permit process fairly.

  • Include reasons for absence, seniority and suspension days unerringly in the progress payments.
  • Operate an easy permission request and approval process through the portal
  • Assign or reduce leave entitlements collectively to your employees
  • Track the financial load of permissions on your organization from advanced reporting screens

One-time routine leave design

Customize year-round holidays and in-house special events to fit your company routines. Define your activities company-wide or on a group or profile basis. Relate holidays and leave entitlements in accordance with your company practices.

  • Determine the frequencies of events and holidays once
  • Automatically assign holidays every year or at the frequency you set
  • Cut off or add on leave entitlements
  • Manage by institution, company, profile or employee.

Take control of short or over time work

By providing full entegration to Payroll module Time and Absence provides short and over time work management, automatically calculates the deductions or additional payments by entering the working hours of your employees on their payrolls, you only have to approve them.

  • Give the management of short or over time works to your ‘Managers’, follow them through the analytics
  • Charge over times in multiples of the root fees according to your organisational practices
  • Use the opsion of reporting and payrolling next month
  • Let HR Thema HCM show the most profitable law for you, legalize it through the law you choose

Instant, agile approvals

HR Thema HCM Workflows offers you a flexible infrastructure to design your own workflow process. You can submit the requests to a senior manager for approval, include different units in the process, and develop approval/rejection scenarios according to your needs.

  • Minimize human errors
  • Design easy workflows with drag-and-drop feature
  • Provide maximum control and security
  • Develop easy and instant approval processes enriched with mobile integration