Competence Pool for Your Company

HRThema HCM Talent Management helps you identify and prioritize the competences that will carry your organization further. Improve your employees’ competences to meet the needs of your organization. Ensure your organization’s success as your employees improve.

  • Create your own technical and behavioral competence pool;
  • Define sub-competence indicators, manage and monitor competences;
  • Apply evidence-based competence assessment; get in-depth information about your employees’ competences using a wide range of evidence sets, including certificates, interviews, tests, and training;
  • Check competence harmony for new positions.

Micro Talent Management

Talent management focuses on employees, one of the key facets of the organizational strategy. As such, employees play a critical role in business strategy. Follow your employees closely to help them improve their skills and talents.

  • Authorize administrators to monitor the competences of their subordinates;
  • Allow them to assign and monitor individual-based competences;
  • Manage and improve the employees that will contribute to your organization’s success;
  • Quickly define the talents you need for periodic projects and new positions, without the need for external funding.

Develop and Attract Talents to Your Organization with 9 Box

Create competence models for future talents. Integrate the 9 Box model into your talent management to better define the leadership skills and behaviors that will contribute to high performance and guide your employees.

  • Employ a competence-based approach and make the most accurate decisions for your future leaders;
  • Apply accurate and timely planning to encourage your talents to remain in the organization and improve;
  • Define the highest potential of your talents as their maximum contribution to the organization;
  • Communicate the talent management process and your mutual expectations with transparency;

A Single Solution Structured Around Talent

Improve your process management by easily integrating the fields you need to develop your talent pool. Provide full support with a holistic approach in planning and managing the development processes.

  • Work in compliance with the performance module: Assign “competence gain” objectives to your employees and integrate competence objectives in their balanced reports;
  • Work in compliance with the training module: Associate all training programs in your library with your competences and monitor the improvement of your employees;
  • Work in compliance with the test module: Associate all tests with your competences, and monitor the gains made by testable achievements;
  • Work in compliance with the recruitment module: Specify competence requirements in job postings and evaluate candidates using competence-based analytics to identify new talents.

Transparent and Flexible Talent Management

Share your expectations of talents with transparency on a single platform to secure them within your organization and foster their development. Offer your talents a favorable career plan within the organization by allowing them to observe their existing skills and talents, and planning the required competences for them to achieve their objectives.

  • Assign department-, level- and chair-based competences to set clear objectives;
  • In the case of a change of position, ensure that the competences associated with the position are automatically reassigned to the relevant person;
  • Create transparent communication channels to clearly define which competences must be improved for a talent to achieve career advancement;
  • Allow employees to declare their existing competences, and make the digital talent management an interactive process with HRThema HCM.