‘Organize’ your company

HR Thema HCM supports an infinite number of organization types, you can start using the defined organizations immediately or design the organization type that suits specifically for your company. Examine, visualize and report your organization from different perspectives.

  • Create unlimited organizational models suitable for your structure. Manage your organization from different perspectives.
  • Access historical organization status.
  • Create N-Dimensional Matrix Organizations.
  • Perform organization-based tasks and delegations.

Group, authorize, manage your employees

HR Thema HCM offers you a flexible solution where you can group your employees under certain tags. Group your employees by department, by position or by profile. Manage user privileges easily.

  • Authorize from module level to transaction level
  • Grant ‘HCM Admin’ and ‘Portal’ access to employees
  • Deny access to specific features
  • Create dynamic profile authorization architecture

Precise exit management

A well-designed exit process awaits you at HR Thema HCM for your dismissed employees. Operate theexit process of your employees from many points such as Benefits, Leaves, Deductions, Advances, with transparency, without any errors or omissions.

  • Operate an end to end exit operations
  • Leverage in-app domain expertise in the exit process
  • Complete the employee exit procedures
  • Report and manage exit transactions

Obtain missing employee information with ease

It is a difficult process to collect employee information that you did not collect for a reason at the beginning or during the process, through forms and e-mails. HR Thema HCM Employee Portal offers you a versatile communication infrastructure with your employees.

  • Identify your missing information and request on the basis of person, profile or institution through the Employee Portal.
  • Collect information from your employees easily, quickly and systematically.
  • Ensure mandatory disclosure of certain information.
  • Take advantage of different customizable question and answer types.

One platform for the different personnel contracts

Digitize your corporate standards. With HR Thema HCM, it is very practical to define, assign and manage contracts that you use at different levels, such as personnel contracts, confidentiality contracts, and competition contracts.

  • Manage your different types of employee contracts.
  • Adapt to different work and employee types.
  • Link the contract to the pay rise calendar.
  • Customize the Trial Period and Severance Pay Period.