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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you serve on-prem or SaaS?2019-11-28T23:13:09+03:00

    We can serve on-prem or SaaS model according to your organization’s policy and needs.

    What is the licensing model?2019-11-28T23:13:55+03:00

    We have a module-based licensing model. There are no user restrictions.

    Can we manage the multi-company structure?2019-11-28T23:14:19+03:00

    Yes, you can. Thanks to the multi-tenant feature, you can manage the human resources of your unlimited number of sub-companies separately without worrying about information security.

    Is it compatible with Mac or Windows operating systems?2019-11-28T23:14:41+03:00

    Yes, HRThema is a web application that runs smoothly on all operating systems and browsers.

    Is there an HR Thema HCM Mobile app available?2019-11-28T23:15:01+03:00

    Yes, there is. It has a comprehensive mobile application that includes advanced features such as all request and approval processes, video interviews to be used in the recruitment process, and notification management.

    Can HR Thema HCM work integrated with my existing applications?2019-11-28T23:15:19+03:00

    Yes, it can. With the API or web services we provide, it can integrate with all the corporate applications you use.

    Can I transfer my historical data to the system easily?2019-11-28T23:15:39+03:00

    Yes, you can easily transfer your data to HRThema HCM with the “import data” feature in all situations where bulk data transfer is needed.

    Is there any foreign language support?2019-11-28T23:16:00+03:00

    Yes, Turkish, English and German language support is available. Thanks to our multi-language support component, a new foreign language that may be needed in addition to these languages can be quickly added to the HRThema HCM infrastructure.

    Is there a Single Sign On (SSO) feature?2019-11-28T23:16:19+03:00

    Yes, with LDAP and Active Directory integration, you can manage your user logins.

    Can I manage / customize approval processes myself?2019-11-28T23:16:41+03:00

    Yes, you can. Thanks to our easy-to-use workflow component, you can design your approval processes by drag-and-drop without the need for any coding.

    Is there a messaging and certification infrastructure? Is it customizable?2019-11-28T23:17:05+03:00

    Yes, you can customize the message contents and message recipients as desired.

    HRThema HCM brings a new chapter to human capital management.

    HRThema HCM helps you to understand, plan your human capital and respond to future changes efficiently. The complete solution to analyze and manage your organizational performance, workforce trends, and headcount plans. HRThema HCM helps you understand your business with out-of-the-box analytics features, diagnose reasons behind numbers, utilize insights to understand, plan and better manage your human capital.

    With a big set of functions, modules and approaches, HRThema HCM solution deployed to solve main business needs around “human” in an end to end scale from talent acquisition to offboarding.

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