Improve Your Potential Talent Pool Every Day

Supply your candidates pool from different channels and filter the candidates by vacancies. Move the best talents to the top of the list by utilizing our unique sorting technology. Manage the Recruitment and Onboarding process end-to-end from a single platform.

  • Work in integration with career portals, announce your vacancies simultaneously on multiple platforms, and grow your candidate pool every day;
  • Announce your vacancies to the talents matching your criteria with a single click;
  • Utilize candidate networks in your candidate pool with the award-winning sharing infrastructure of HRThema Recruitment and Onboarding;
  • Use data analytics to list candidates quickly and easily.

Only Work with the Right Talent

Match recruitment requests with the positions in the organization structure. Expedite the approval process for open talents matching the scenarios that you define. Monitor the need for internal and external resources with transparency. Switch to an integrated company resource management infrastructure.

  • Explore and save the competences of candidates by video-conference interviews via both desktop and mobile interfaces;
  • Evaluate your recorded interviews with your stakeholders and save time;
  • Identify your candidates’ level of expertise with placement tests tailored to your needs;
  • Monitor the proposal-making process digitally and conclude the process easily.

Next-Generation Interview Experience

The HRThema HCM Recruitment and Onboarding module allows applicants to be interpreted in a transparent environment by different decision-makers. It offers candidates and recruitment teams a new interview experience by tablet and mobile applications.

  • Ask your candidates pre-interview questions, and watch and assess their video-recorded responses with the Video Interview application;
  • Unite the participants in a common environment by Online Interviews;
  • Communicate with interview assessors at different locations in an online chat environment. Take notes on online CVs and save them for the next meeting during an interview;
  • Record your online interviews and rewatch them as necessary.

Add the Right Talent to Your Organization

Define the right talent you need for a position. Watch interviews. Evaluate the returns you receive from different assessors, and add the most suitable talent to your organization.

  • Seamlessly integrate stakeholders into the recruitment processes on any device;
  • Ensure maximum stakeholder collaboration is integrated into the recruitment process;
  • Blend recruitment interviews, candidate assessment interfaces and stakeholder returns to reach the best recruitment decisions;
  • Use analytics data to ensure you present the best job offer to your prospective employees.

A Well-Thought Beginning and Onboarding

Record all data pertaining to your candidates from the first day. Integrate the data collected from the first moment in onboarding scenarios and support talent management processes with this data.

  • Manage the recruitment and onboarding processes integrally and commence onboarding for recruited candidates quickly;
  • Draw up position-based onboarding scenarios;
  • Transfer the candidate data collected at recruitment to the onboarding process;
  • Offer your employees a thoroughly defined onboarding experience.