A new generation of Human Capital Management (HCM) platform developed with global standards ‘HRThema HCM’ was awarded twice by Stevie Awards in 2019.

The HRThema HCM’s feature set, usability, integration, and scalability, competed among hundreds of global companies and over 4,000 applicants from 74 countries. HRThema HCM competed in one of the most prestigious competitions around the World; The Stevie Awards, separately in Europe and America regions. Got awarded 3rd place in the ‘Business Technology Solutions’ category and won the Bronze level twice and proved to be a powerful competitor in the global area.

HRThema HCM Technology

HRThema HCM’s technology has been developed on the basis of security, privacy and compliance. HRThema HCM software is available in compliance with a comprehensive security procedure that includes global safety standards to meet the security principles your company promise to its customers and employees.

All of our development, testing, operation and maintenance processes are ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 compliant to ensure compliance with global safety standards and are subject to regular audits. All audits are rigorously implemented independently by the relevant certification authorities and are managed by our internal auditors with the support of the HRThema security department. Our efforts are carried out to reduce the threats in the fields of technology and communication by ensuring the high level of confidentiality and protection of the data sources used. These studies enable us to implement harmonized security structures such as threat management, intrusion testing, and secure software development lifecycles in a sustainable manner.

Why Choose HRThema HCM

  • Boost your workforce, maximize your performance.

  • Easy to use, friendly and familiar interface.

  • Same interaction quality across devices.

  • One solution, one version.

  • Analyze and visualize the talent universe.

  • Design, deploy, monitor and manage your business processes.

  • Financial perspective through whole HCM experience.

  • Understand today, forecast tomorrow with advanced HCM analytics.

HRThema HCM is a leading player in the digitization and transformation of our Human Resources department.

HRThema HCM has permanently changed the way we do business and accelerated our transition from the traditional Human Resources Management approach to the strategic Human Capital Management.

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