Exam Management Based on Your Needs

Switch to a malleable exam infrastructure that you can shape to meet the needs and requirements of your organization. Define the success criteria and question and answer infrastructure, and run the exam and monitor exam results live.

  • Choose from a wide range of question structures;
  • Create question categories and organize your question pool;
  • Manage the pass grade and scoring table;
  • Instantly receive the test results, calculated automatically by the system.

Digitize the Exam Process

Equipped with next-generation technologies, the HRThema Exam enables you to configure your exams securely online. It also allows you to add, monitor and manage internal and external participants. You will have end-to-end control on all test management.

  • Digitize all exams, including technical, skill and talent exams, that you wish to implement within your organization;
  • Authenticate identities with face and eye recognition based on image processing technologies;
  • Record external exam services and manage suppliers;
  • Grant participants instant analysis to exam results.

Include Your Employees

Enrich your exams by incorporating employee feedback. Allow your employees to indicate their fields of competence. Make employees’ gains accessible to them, and motivate them to improve their profiles.

  • Let your employees monitor the exams assigned to them and begin their exams whenever they want;
  • Let your employees suggest questions; Approve those questions and add them to the question pool;
  • Let your employees request exams in the fields in which they wish to prove their competence;
  • Share test results, degrees and certificates of achievement with your employees.

Design and Implement

Easily manage the process on an end-to-end basis. This encompasses exam planning, the determination of the exam type and participants, implementation of the exam online and the generation of results. Optimize the exam entrance fee based on the development needs of your employees.

  • Design and manage all necessary exam scenarios for your organization;
  • Create pilot tests to better prepare candidates before the actual exam;
  • Confirm the expertise of your employees and determine their proficiency in any field;
  • Allow candidates to take advanced exams who were successful in previous steps.

A Single Platform for All Your Employees

Let your Human Resources department monitor the exam process easily with the HRThema Human Capital Management administrator interface. Include your employees in the process via the advanced user interface. Offer a professional exam management process with the participation of all stakeholders.

  • Assign a test that you create to an employee, department or the entire organization;
  • Easily monitor the assigned exams and participation statuses on the administrator interface;
  • Grant employees access to their assigned exams through the employee interface to ensure fast returns;
  • Show your employees past exam results on the employee interface and enrich them with graphics.