Plan Your Talent Investments Wisely

Define your development and learning needs to carry your organization further and easily implement it for an individual or your entire organization. Ensure that your employees improve most effectively.

  • Easily plan and implement training programs for a specific position or for the entire organization;
  • Design individual-based or position-based development plans;
  • Design your approval process according to your needs;
  • Ensure that your managers improve their teams, and boost efficiency.

Train Your Employees and Develop Your Organization

Manage training and development operations conveniently on a single platform. Turn your training programs into face-to-face or online training. Develop internal training programs or integrate training packages in your learning and development processes.

  • Create e-training programs;
  • Save your Scorm packages as training content;
  • Define achievements, such as certificates, test qualifications and competences, for your training programs;
  • Manage training materials digitally on a single platform.

Hear and Plan For Needs

The HRThema Learning and Development runs integrally with such processes as Performance Management and Talent Management, allowing you to control the long-term objectives of your employees. Define your needs and program outputs, and design your employee training accordingly.

  • Create training catalogs that are compatible with your strategic priorities;
  • Manage your training calendar plan quickly and smoothly in digital media with the HRThema Learning and Development Plan;
  • Create training requests in compliance with department- and level-based competences without need for approval;
  • Collect training requests digitally.

Provide Effective Reporting at Each Stage

Offer your team professional training and development planning. Control your employees’ objectives with extensive reporting screens provided by the Learning and Development. Support them in achieving their objectives on time and with full competence. Ensure that each step proceeds in compliance with your training plan.

  • Add training gains as a performance criteria;
  • Monitor and manage your and your team’s training plans on the administrator portal;
  • Authorize your human resources employees and allow them to monitor participation status live;
  • Make your training and development efforts available for monitoring and reporting.

Cost Management In line with Your Plans

Effectively plan the time and budget that you have allocated towards the development of your employees, and manage your costs effectively at each step. Define and implement a training and development process that complies with your budget and objectives.

  • Compare your training budget and actual costs live;
  • Define your training budgeting periods, and manage request acceptance and approval processes effectively;
  • Define your training suppliers and cost items;
  • Provide training leaders with instant monitoring and management via the administrator interface.