Select and Implement Your Performance Management Model

Define the Performance Management model that will improve the efficiency of your organization, team and employees. The flexible infrastructure of HRThema Performance Management will help you implement the best method for your organizational culture. Provide systematic reports to your employees at intervals of your choosing with periodic and in-depth or live and objective-based performance monitoring.

  • Monitor employee performance based on objectives with a plain objective management structure;
  • Create target groups in personally defined categories through balanced report performance management;
  • Integrate trusted business partners from in and outside of the organization into the process using the 360-degree evaluation method;
  • Better adapt to changing conditions on different sprint structures with agile performance management, and manage your organization deftly with a flexible/modifiable objective concept;
  • Blend all methods to create your own performance management scenario.

Strategic Performance Management

HRThema Performance Management gives you a variety of tools to adapt all of your organization’s performance indicators to your strategy. Monitor your employees’ performance live with a broad array of reporting screens. Ensure that your organization operates in compliance with your objectives.

  • Create special performance metrics and assessment periods for teams and positions;
  • Create performance monitoring periods as needed;
  • Distribute primary objectives to different team members as secondary objectives;
  • Observe the contributions of individuals and teams to the objective individually from an integrated perspective.

Performance Management Analytics

You will have comprehensive control of your Performance Management data with extensive and reliable reporting screens. Monitor assessment results live. Monitor your employees closely. Help them develop professionally beyond expectations.

  • Monitor your teams or employees individually or compare their performance with other teams and employees;
  • Share assessment data live at any depth with your employees and managers;
  • Follow the target and performance via a comprehensive analytics interface;
  • Observe your employees’ potential growth areas by an all-inclusive graphic infrastructure and maximize their potential.

Focus Your Team on Top-Tier Objectives

Define which objectives and sub-objectives are compatible with your strategy. Assign specific objectives for your department and employees. Monitor the objectives live. Ensure that corresponding progress is made throughout the organization.

  • Determine the target catalogs needed by your organization, and open them to your selected roles and departments;
  • Select any of top-down and bottom-up objective assignment methods;
  • Encourage employees and administrators to attend regular performance meetings;
  • Understand the true potential of your employees and prepare special plans for their development.

Experience Unique Performance Management

HRThema Performance Management offers a genuine performance management process experience by integrating with your various human resources processes. Provide a new perspective to Performance Management with a versatile user interface that matches your organization’s needs.

  • Create your performance assessment approval processes in different models as practically as a drag-and-drop functionality;
  • Use pivot and graphic reporting interfaces for simple designs and live access to the reports specific to your organization;
  • Work in compliance with Competence Management. Carry performance reports to meet competence objectives;
  • Assign employee competences as performance assessment contents. Do not lose time creating assessment content.