All you need for a precise payroll

HR Thema HCM Payroll offers unique smart algorithms for its users. Determines all processes in touch with the payroll such as bonuses, taxes, deduction rates which can be applied together or separately. Applies them on wages, converts wages to net or gross amounts depending on necessity, and offers perfect results with its advanced calculation infrastructure.

  • Operate the most advantageous calculation for your institution with a single click
  • See and enforce applicable laws and incentives at a glance
  • Manage different workplaces of your institution on different payrolls
  • Update past and future payrolls and laws in accordance with the legal forces

Smart, parametric algorithms

Customize all important features of payroll processes for your institution, with its fully parametric and flexible structure. Update legal and organisational regulations from a single common point, ensuring that they are applied across all the enterprise.

  • Manage calculation functions from a single point
  • Provide central management advantage with common parameter library
  • Instantly adapt your institution to changing legal requirements
  • Manage parameters flexibly according to your corporate needs

Continues feedbacks from all the HR processes

HR Thema HCM Payroll provides full integration with modules such as Core HR & Organization, Personnel Attendance Control Systems, Leaves, Compensation and Benefits that prepares payroll informations. Collects payroll information from the process and presents updatable structure without the need for reprocessing them.

  • Effortlessly process your core HR information into payroll
  • View and approve attandance data, over or missing hours, used paid – unpaid leaves
  • Instantly access smart tax and bonus calculations on contract, law or compensation data
  • Benefit from different incentives that are most profitable for your organisation.

Impeccable exit processes

Bringing a professional approach to the Human Capital Management process in different areas of HR, HR Thema HCM offers its users a perfect Exit Process. Leave the critical points that you need to manage during the exit process to the smart algorithms of HR Thema HCM and perform the dismissal process of your employee step by step and completely.

  • Provides effortless exits with the institution-employee relationship approach, with all details considered
  • Manage compensations in accordance with the law and your institutional practices
  • Compensate precisely missing or overtime work and used permits
  • Limit deductions, advances and defined benefits by last business day

Strong payroll analytics

Fully complies with the rules and regulations set by the government in the payroll and related processes, Keep up with the changes on time. Perform an integrated reporting and management from a single point with HR Thema HCM Payroll which is fully integrated with the tools in these processes.

  • Observe all the details of the payroll processes from a top view
  • Evaluate and compare corporate trends, improve your processes
  • Make decisions based on analytical data in areas such as employee number configurations, cost analysis, wage increase scenarios, cost-based budgeting
  • Perform an integrated reporting management from a single point